about steps and stops

 Now it's time to move on!

At the first of August we start walking eastward. As we strive to minimize our ecological footprint, we choose to refrain from using money, as it often drives consumption and, in turn, increases the gross national product. Instead, we are committed to the concept of "Gross Total Happiness," which takes into account the well-being of all living beings on this Earth. In this way, we slow down our way of living and performing, adapting the rhythm of nature to acknowledge it as our equal partner. On our journey we look forward to visit places, plants and people that would like to host a "tiny piece of Permaformance" If you are a fellow human and possess enough to share, just as we do, we could extend an invitation to each other to be our next stop.You and your plant-mates become guests and co-creator of “a tiny piece of permaformance", and in return we might enjoy sirplus food and space. Of course it is also possible join our next steps: Everyone, no matter with species, age and profession is welcome to participate in our walk in progress.

And by the way: We don`t believe in coincidences, but in Miracles! If you are interested in meeting up, please contact linn@instinktut.org








we are moved by the roots that hold the world

we are nourished by the air that fills the world

we walk till we can see the world as a globe

we dream of embracing the world as a whole

we hope that the world shows how miracles grow

we discover the world in impossible ways

the world moves and we can just take here a rest

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