Linntje gets Leaves, Plants become Human and Life is a Miracle

Permaformance is the only not human centered artform.

Composed out of an infinite number of large and little pieces, everything mutually dependent and fertilizes each other - as well as the cross-species actors of that interplay do.

Inspired by the main guidelines of permaculture, we replace profit and competition with planetary health and diversity. "Linntje gets Leaves, Plants becomes Human and Life is a Miracle" is not produced but comes into being each time anew, depending on conditions and audience we encounter on the ground. Each "tiny piece of Permaformance" creates a component in the entirely composition of our long journey from Switzerland to India via the country route.

Every step and every stop transforms and influences the ongoing walk in progress.

In preparation for our transcultural gathering, the human host is asked to invite a plant/a tree to become the star of the upcoming happening. This rooted individual will play the character of Miracle Leaf, who represents the planted part, while Linntje will play the human part. As trans-species they will create a common inter-act live in space.

The spectacle invites the human audience to an unexpected journey, that dissolves habitual ways of seeing, thinking and feeling and opens the frontier to the honest nature that exists in all of us.

To respect the natural behaviour of our teammate, we ask you not to transport the chosen plant to a spot you prefer to have tjej, but welcome all human guests to get together in the comfort zone of the plant permaformer: this could be outside, or if you decide for a non-wild plant, it might be also in a closed space.

The happening takes place with open end and flowing start. There are no limits, and without being consciously aware of it, you are suddenly completely immersed in it.


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