Walk in Progress

The "walk in progress" is an artisic journey from Zurich to India with minimal ecological footprint to grow into full connection with the constantly maturing network of life on this planet and an invitation to discover respect, awe, humor, and confidence as basic ingredients for a regenerating culture of diversity.


-a journey in fife acts -

Act 1 (August - October)

The Permalogical Foodprint

In the exposition, two pilgrims set out on a walk eastward. Coming from a western environment where people worldwide emit comparatively the highest co2 emissions per person, it is a fairly easy going to reduce their own footprint to the greatest possible minimum: Fed by leftovers of of the capitalistic abundance, they regain their balance between give and take in order to reach gross total happiness. During their walk through nature, the streams, flora and fauna of the alps become their equal playing partners. Together they follow the core values of the permaculture to create a regenerative art for all beings on earth.


Act 2 (November)


In foreign country the two pilgrims take leave of each other, now they are on their own again. Accompanied by various cross species, Linntje is not alone. Miracle Leaf is waiting everywhere she walks, while Life still goes on. Humans water and fertilizing them. Plants nourish and treat them. Life is leading them. Sometimes on their journey they change roles and rules, so that Linntje is Life, Miracle a human and Life a plant. Sometimes they just play who we are. They meet humans, pass plants and follow life.


Act 3 (December - February)

On the edge

Together they exceed many limits and boundaries. Now they are facing the great transition from one part of the earth to another to immerse in a different culture and nature. They remain the same, transformed by the present shifts.


Act 4 (February - May)


No matter where the journey will end, the cross-species are still moved on by their surrounding: they dissolve as transmitter, transformer, trancendancer. No nationality, no number, no name - just a Life like any other.


Act 5 (following time)

accomplished artwalk

Arriving anywhere. Every step and every stop reverberates in all tiny pieces of Permaformance. They come together and form the entirely composition, that will travel back to where everything once has started.